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Helping technology companies grow

Companies entering new markets are faced with a number of significant barriers - local market knowledge, logistical hurdles, finding the best local talent and the constant need to manage the risk. Our proven programme helps you manage your risk and reduces your time to revenues. We call it “Active Acceleration”. Active - because we don't just give you advice on powerpoint. We work with you to execute your plan. Acceleration - comes through giving you immediate access to a broad network of trusted industry partners, experts and potential clients in your specific market.

[1] We help you understand how Brexit affects your business. [2] Our team of experts help you build a mitigation plan. [3] You can outsource the delivery of that plan to us.

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What We Do

We focus on the key pillars of company value

We help you assemble a high-calibre team (from freelancers to full-time staff – wherever you need them, whatever your plans require)


We position your products and services for the markets you want to target

Customer Base

Using a tested methodology, we help you identify your A-list clients and then we get you in front of them


Everything from collateral to representing you at trade fairs, we provide the support to build the right brand with your target markets


We provide consultation, expertise, project management and in-country representation to help your company through the changes brought about by Brexit


Helping UK and EU companies through transition
  • Building Brand

    Targeted brand building

    Technology companies moving into new markets are faced with the challenge of building brand. As challenges go it’s a significant one.

    Practical help

    Depending on client requirements, we help with a number of brand building activities. Our go-to-market strategy starts off with us understanding who our clients want to target. Who are their A-List prospects. We draw on our existing network and connections to see where we already have a soft landing. In addition we approach a number of target market sector contacts to help with initial product positioning. This means that we very quickly start to build a focused set of conversations and start “spreading the word” in the right areas.

    Tailored support

    We believe very strongly in getting in the experts. Depending on market, target and technology we are able to call upon the services of a network of specialists in fields as diverse as SEO, content marketing, gamification, localisation. Each of these are fields requiring differing levels of knowledge and expertise. Our expertise is in bringing together the right skills and right team for each campaign.

    Getting involved

    Where our clients need on-the ground support we are always happy to provide this. Over the years we have presented at industry forums, hosted webinars, engaged and managed campaigns and run stands at trade fairs. We are able to provide the logistical and operational resources to support our clients building brand in new sectors and territories.

    We represent our clients at industry leading trade fairs and exhibitions when they need us to. (We got 64 leads at this one!)
    Building Brand
  • Customer Base

    Targeted go-to-market strategy

    Over the years we have developed a robust methodology for helping technology companies win business in new markets. It forms part of our “Active Acceleration” ethos. Drawing on the experience of our business development consultants we work with our clients to build a targeted go-to-market strategy.

    A simple methodology

    The system we employ isn’t complex. It follows a number of simple steps:

    • We establish with our clients what kinds of businesses and organisations they have had success selling into in their existing markets
    • Next we draw up with them a target list of A-List prospects – who is it they want to get in front of?
    • We look at companies that are similar to these that we are already connected to
    • We don’t forget the other key players in the target market
    • Then we go through and build a target list of individuals in these companies key contacts, decision-makers, influencers, ex-colleagues, analysts that we know
    • The final step is to apportion prioritisation around these accounts – based on a number of parameters.

    Clear plan and progress map

    Once we’ve been through these steps we end up with a shared go-to-market plan. It’s a transparent and live document that we share with our clients. This makes it easy for them and us to track progress, understand market feedback, course correct and set meaningful targets.

    An excerpt from our go-to-market scorecard

    Building product and brand presence

    This business development approach – introductions into key networks and decision-makers – helps us accelerate other activity at the same time. All of the feedback good, bad or indifferent is shared with our client and our on the ground team. This means we optimise the product positioning as we go. At the same time we are able to gauge the best marketing channels for the sector. This is clearly critical in helping building brand for our clients.

    Customer Base
  • Product Positioning

    Product Management & Development

    Our team has several years of product management and product development experience. This was gained in large corporates, small start-ups and everything in between. We have delivered solutions ranging from large scale consumer platforms (with millions of users) to a self-serve platform for exhibitors at trade fairs. The sectors we have been involved in include cyber security, Internet Service Providers, data center management, medtech, fintech, data analysis, exhibitions and conferences, mobile apps.

    Drawing on this background we help technology companies position their product correctly for the markets they are entering.

    “We engaged Four23 to help us turn new product ideas into a concrete set of products. Four23 were instrumental in helping us build the initial concepts. They then corroborated and validated them with clients. The team helped us deliver a working Proof of Concept. They then delivered a very detailed development specification. The Proof of Concept product helped us secure a significant beta test customer. In addition Four23 helped us to prepare and present the plans to various groups of investors. They also introduced us to technology partners who we have subsequently engaged to help us deliver the solution.

    The data product they helped us build is now sold internationally to some of our major clients

    CEO Data analysis company

    Leveraging industry networks

    We have a tried-and-tested methodology for product positioning. Firstly we start by “tapping up” our network to get honest opinions on the product or service. The people we talk to know the specific industry or sector. These might be C level contacts or product and sales specialists operating in the same sector. Then we discuss this feedback and these insights with our clients. Next we agree together how the product is best presented, amended or delivered.

    Managing the risk

    Introducing a new technology or product into a market always brings high risks with it. We apply our positioning methodology to help reduce these risks and give our clients an accelerated start into their market. Once we have clarity on the given product and market we bring to bear all of the dark arts of product management. These include broader market analysis, competitor analysis, trend analysis, industry expertise, data gathering – a complete package to define the optimum growth strategies for each product. Putting all of this together delivers a clear strategy – and often some very warm prospects.

    Product Positioning
  • Data Management

    Chances are you haven’t yet spent any time ensuring data compliance for your business post Brexit. You wouldn’t be alone. In fact, with negotiations ongoing, how do you ensure that your management of customer data is compliant post Brexit? How do you even know what the rules will be?

    If the EU does not approve “adequacy” of data protection legislation, all service companies operating in a post Brexit world will need to have data representation in the European Union (or UK) if they hold personal data. The legislation requires this to be a physical in-country presence. That is – if your business manages the personal data of European Union citizens, you will need to have a data representative physically located in an EU country.

    If you don’t have offices or other business premises in an EU country – we can help you.

    Working with our partners, DPR Group, we can provide you with in-country representation in any EU country and the skills and expertise to deal with all data protection and GDPR enquiries.

    DPR Group offers a market-leading EU Representative service to our clients through its network of contact locations. These locations include every EU member state and the UK. We are able to offer the UK Representative service included at no extra cost for our clients who appoint us to deliver (or are already protected by) our EU Representative service.

    Get in touch to learn more. Ask us about our EU Data Representative programme


    Data Management
  • Hiring Talent

    One of the biggest challenges of entering a new market is finding the right people for your team. Whether you are looking for contract, permanent, full or part-time staff, we bring together tailor-made teams of professionals to deliver your growth in UK and European markets.

    We draw on a network of industry contacts in key locations to help you find the industry professionals who know your sector, your market and your target customers. We often find the right way to start is by hiring these in on a contract basis while you expand your presence. With success these people become the foundation of your new territory operation.

    If necessary we can provide representative services for you so that you can have an immediate presence in territory while you spend time recruiting (or relocating) your team. Example roles we have provided include – Country Manager for a cyber tech firm, Business Development Director for an AI developer, COO for a data company. We have also deployed contract teams for short-term on-the-ground assignments (e.g. trade fair presence) or for longer (multi-year) engagements.

    Hiring Talent
  • Representative Office

    Does your business need a presence in the EU after Brexit?

    After Brexit will you need a presence for your business in the EU? At the end of the transition period the UK will no longer operate the same rules and regulations as the EU. There will be a number of changes for every business. Most affected will be those who have customers, suppliers, employees or partners based in any EU country. Many PLCs and larger organisations have already moved staff to European offices and re-registered their presence. But who needs to do this? Is your business going to be ok? What kind of presence might you need? What will it cost? Have you got the right people and the time to set it all up?

    Do an impact analysis……now

    To find the answers to the questions above – you first need to know where your business stands. You need to review a number of areas. These might include:

    • Your staff
    • Your international travel
    • Your operating standards
    • Your professional qualifications
    • Your trademarks and designs
    • Your supply chain
    • Taxes
    • VAT

    Advantages of a European presence

    Do you need a presence in the EU? Depending on your impact assessment there are a number of reasons why you might want to have representation or presence in an EU country. If you transport goods across the EU it will make your tariff regime significantly easier. For services companies – the same holds true. Your offering, qualifications and products will be recognised across every EU country and not bound by individual host country rules. Another reason for operating an EU legal entity might be your staff considerations. It will make it easier to hire EU nationals and possibly even retain the ones you already have.

    The Open to Export information service cites other advantages:

    You will have a better control of your business activities in the single market:
    You could act as both an importer and distributor and a point of marketing communication for your EU customers 
    You can provide a more personalised service of locally-based support to customers
    Local customers may prefer to deal with a local company rather than the branch of an UK company
    Your investment will demonstrate strength of customer commitment 
    Can lower your business-risk if part of a joint venture 
    Can ease further market expansion if you already have an established presence 

    The Institute of Export & International Trade

    One stop-shop for your EU office

    Not every business has the spare time, resource and expertise to be able to set up, maintain and run an EU office . That’s where we can help. Based on your needs we can tailor a package to deliver and manage a presence for your business in the EU. Drawing on our ecosystem of experts we can help you choose the right approach for your business (representative office, full subsidiary, partner). We can then provide you with as many or as few of the services you need to be able to operate and grow. We have experience of providing “feet-on-the-street” for overseas companies. We can be your presence in Europe – while you get on with your business. The right presence for your business in the EU could include:

    • Company Formation
    • Physical or virtual offices
    • Phone answering and secretarial services
    • Hiring and managing staff
    • Business Development in EU markets
    • Managing your tax and VAT
    • Managing your GDPR representation and compliance
    • Providing other essential representation if required (e.g. medical device or pharmaceutical manufacturers)
    • Warehousing within the EU

    Please contact us to discuss the best approach for your business

    Representative Office
  • Advisory Services

    One Stop Shop

    Whether you are a UK or an EU company trying to navigate the post-Brexit world, we provide a one-stop shop to help your business.

    In anticipation of the post Brexit transition we have built up an eco-system of in-country advisers. These are both EU and UK specialists. They are here to help you with all areas of business management and business continuity. Services range from company formation to data management. Below we list some of the areas of expertise.

    Complete set of services

    In country experts

    It is likely that the legal and regulatory framework for service companies will be very different after the end of the transition period. Every service business will have to have clarity on these regulations – on a country-by-country basis. The best advice comes from in-country experts. We work with sector experts in the UK and across the EU. This means that your business always has the best advice, remains compliant and can operate as efficiently as possible regardless of regulatory changes.

    Advisory Services
  • Business Continuity Plan

    We provide a full set of services to help your business through Brexit transition and successfully out on the other side.

    Time to get ready

    Wherever you stood on the Brexit debate, it doesn’t matter now. What matters is that you get your business ready for the changes that are going to happen at the end of the transition period.

    Four step process

    We follow a simple three step process. You can choose to take just one, two or all three of those steps with us – or any combination of these.

    Step 1: Impact Analysis

    The first thing you need to do is understand how the changes in regulations, tariffs and legislation will effect your business. While the negotiations are ongoing we can help signpost areas to consider. There are a number of key areas you need to think through. The quickest way is to take our free readiness “Health Check”. It’s been developed in conjunction with EU and UK trade and data experts. It only takes five minutes to complete and you get a free report tailored to your business needs

    Part of your tailored report is a simple readiness dashboard across key areas of your business

    Step 2: Readiness Workshop and full Business Continuity report

    If you want to proceed to step 2 – we will send you some more detailed questions (based on your readiness “Health Check” results). We will also ask you to prepare some documents and think about a few areas more specifically. These include things like what UK or EU licences you might hold. Trademarks and Designs, certificates of incorporation etc.

    We will then conduct an in-depth workshop (or online set of workshops) with you and your key staff to drill right into the detail. This workshop is led by a seasoned practitioner in EU-UK trade regulation. We will look at the impacts we have identified. We will talk through the options with you and get your guidance on priorities, timeframes and preferences. At the workshop we will give you an initial set of recommendations. We will follow this up later with a formal Business Continuity recommendations report. This report will detail all of the areas you will need to address to be ready for the end of transition.

    Step 3: Implementation

    If you prefer to concentrate on running your business – you can outsource some or all of the implementation of your Business Continuity Plan to us. We will build a shared project plan with you, assign an experienced project manager to run it and then pick up as much or as little of it as you need us to. All along the way, we will work with your team to ensure everyone knows what is happening where, when and why. And who is responsible for what. The implementation phase includes regular reviews with you so you are always clear on the progress.

    Step 4: Representation for your business

    If the agreed Business Continuity Plan requires it we can also set up a full representation for your business in the EU.

    Business Continuity Plan
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Our Team

Nik Haidar
Nik Haidar
Nik has held board-level positions in a number of UK, European and global technology companies. He has successful experience of working in a number of technology sectors – cybersecurity, fintech, data management, medtech. He has launched award-winning products in the UK, managed teams across Europe and worked in a number of countries including Russia and Australia.
Jennie Verrinder
Jennie Verrinder
Product Management Consultant
Jennie has managed multi-million pound products used by millions of customers including text messaging for Vodafone and wi-fi apps for BT. She has a coaching and collaborative style, has written and delivered product launch and management training and was BTs Subject Matter Expert for Product Management. In addition to her experience in several blue chip organisations, Jennie has also worked with start-ups and SMEs to bring new products to market.
Tony Butler
Tony Butler
Business Development Consultant
With over twenty years’ experience in both staff and business management positions., Tony has worked both in blue chips such as IBM as well as in technology start-ups and scale-ups. A Project & Transition Manager by training he is highly experienced in High Touch Business and Technical Consultancy, General Operational Management, Technical Engineering and IT strategy.
Sietske is a seasoned EU regulatory expert and trainer with two decades of experience of the EU’s trade framework. Sietske’s consultancy TRADE PEERS ‘translate’ what is happening at the negotiation table and help businesses and prepare for a new commercial environment, whether they are based inside or outside the UK.
Partner: GDPR EU & UK Representation
DPR Group has been a leading provider of the EU Representative service since GDPR became enforceable in 2018 and, as the only EU Representative with contact locations in all EU27 countries and the UK, provides the most-compliant service available for EU and/or UK Representative services.


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