Active acceleration: helping technology companies grow internationally

Building Brand

Targeted brand building

Technology companies moving into new markets are faced with the challenge of building brand. As challenges go it’s a significant one.

Practical help

Depending on client requirements, we help with a number of brand building activities. Our go-to-market strategy starts off with us understanding who our clients want to target. Who are their A-List prospects. We draw on our existing network and connections to see where we already have a soft landing. In addition we approach a number of target market sector contacts to help with initial product positioning. This means that we very quickly start to build a focused set of conversations and start “spreading the word” in the right areas.

Tailored support

We believe very strongly in getting in the experts. Depending on market, target and technology we are able to call upon the services of a network of specialists in fields as diverse as SEO, content marketing, gamification, localisation. Each of these are fields requiring differing levels of knowledge and expertise. Our expertise is in bringing together the right skills and right team for each campaign.

Getting involved

Where our clients need on-the ground support we are always happy to provide this. Over the years we have presented at industry forums, hosted webinars, engaged and managed campaigns and run stands at trade fairs. We are able to provide the logistical and operational resources to support our clients building brand in new sectors and territories.

We represent our clients at industry leading trade fairs and exhibitions when they need us to. (We got 64 leads at this one!)