Active acceleration: helping technology companies grow internationally

Hiring Talent

One of the biggest challenges of entering a new market is finding the right people for your team. Whether you are looking for contract, permanent, full or part-time staff, we bring together tailor-made teams of professionals to deliver your growth in UK and European markets.

We draw on a network of industry contacts in key locations to help you find the industry professionals who know your sector, your market and your target customers. We often find the right way to start is by hiring these in on a contract basis while you expand your presence. With success these people become the foundation of your new territory operation.

If necessary we can provide representative services for you so that you can have an immediate presence in territory while you spend time recruiting (or relocating) your team. Example roles we have provided include – Country Manager for a cyber tech firm, Business Development Director for an AI developer, COO for a data company. We have also deployed contract teams for short-term on-the-ground assignments (e.g. trade fair presence) or for longer (multi-year) engagements.