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Sources of information on Brexit

Your business is unlike any other business. The way you operate, the suppliers you have, the team you employ, the Trademarks you own….all of them might have an influence on how you need to prepare your company for the Brexit changes that are coming.

Right now you need to do four things :

  1. Pay attention – to the changes that will affect your sector
  2. Find credible advisors – people who understand what is happening and how it will affect your business
  3. Find the information that matters for your business – not generalisations or conjecture
  4. Get ready

This article is to help you with action no. 3 – finding the primary sources of information on how to get your company ready for Brexit.


There is no shortage of articles on Brexit and its potential impacts. What will happen, what it might cost. Whether it’s a good idea or a bad idea. Some are very good, some are politically driven. Most are making predictions of what they think will happen . None of that matters. What matters is that it is happening. Your task right now is to keep focus on what matters to your business and your sector. So let’s look at where you can go to get the information as it is published and updated.

If you want to get a quick overview of how well prepared your company currently is – you could take our quick readiness “health check” survey.


UK Government Transition site: The UK government maintains a comprehensive website covering all areas of the transition process. It has a useful Question & Answer tool that will help highlight the areas that might have an impact on you.

Get Ready for Brexit booklet: the UK Government has also published a seven page booklet which highlights key areas to think about – including import and export, EORI numbers , employment rights, data protection.

Passport Rules for Travel after January 2021: if you need to understand how your travel arrangements may need to change after January 2021 – you can follow the information updates here.

Intellectual Property Rights and similar issues are tracked and updated here.

Migration Advisory Committee rulings and changes will have a significant say in how changes to our mobility and travel will be put in place. You can follow those here.

EU Settlement Scheme is open now and runs until June 30 20201. Details what EU nationals need to do to apply can be found here

Skills Based Immigration System rules and changes are available here. These will be in place post December 2020.


Prepare for Brexit is a site maintained by a Scottish Enterprise and other Scottish business support organisations. It is rich in information and covers a number of areas.

Prepare for Brexit checklist is provided by the same organisations and lists a range of “low-risk, low-cost actions you can take across ten areas of business operations “

Brexit Portal is a similar information repository for businesses maintained by the Welsh Government

The London Growth Hub has a Brexit related area with a number of factsheets and information sources for different business sectors.


The British Chambers of Commerce have built an extensive set of Brexit preparation resources for businesses of all kinds.

The Financial Conduct Authority runs a section of its website to inform companies and individuals of changes that will affect financial service companies.

The Law Society position on what transition brings and also what it wishes to see for the legal profession post Brexit is available here

The Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales has a “How to Prepare for Brexit” checklist that you can find here.

The Information Commissioners Office details all of the regulatory changes around management of data and data protection that business must prepare for


The EU Overview of the state of play and what to expect next can be accessed here.

Stakeholder Guidelines on the provision of Services and posting of workers

Getting Ready for the end of the transition period guidance on several sectors and areas of legislation can be found here

Each EU country also maintains its own guidance on the changes Brexit will bring about for its citiznes, for UK citizens who are resident there and for businesses. You can access these by country below.